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欢迎来到我们的Q&和我们的CEO, 亚历克斯Armento,对动物模型的使用和未来的影响 in vitro 生物技术产业与人类健康的技术. 发现bbin体育官方网站的巨大潜力和变革影响 in vitro 组织技术.

Do you think that we will completely eliminate the use of animal models in research?

This is certainly an aspiration for our team and a major goal in the work that we do for two different reasons. First, from an ethical standpoint we would like to reduce the usage of animals wherever possible. Second, 动物模型在描绘自然结构方面是不完整的, 人类的功能和生理 in vivo 环境和我们的愿望,推动研究人员朝着 in vitro models that are more relevant than conventional animal models which are incomplete. 在许多领域和应用中, we have been able to completely remove the use of animals and we are very proud of the fact that we have been a leader in this field for over the last 30 years. 最近的立法,如 FDA现代化法案2.0 have also codified many of these aspirations so that companies can now move away more easily from these models. I would say we have made a lot of progress in reducing the use of animals and as we go forward, I think it is possible that animals will be removed from many if not most applications.


The two things that excite me the most about bbin体育官方网站 are the impact we are having on the space we are in and also our future roadmap for shaping the field. 每一天, our products are used in thousands of research projects around the world and are pivotal to the advancement of science and making sure that cosmetics, therapeutics and agrochemicals making it to market are safe and efficacious. 当我们展望未来, we are working to develop tissue and cell culture models for every organ system in the body and to do it in a way that leverages our decades of experience in building high quality and reproducible models which can be used from basic research all the way to regulated studies. I find our ability to literally build and shape this field in our lab as incredibly exciting as we have the opportunity to change the way that research is conducted around the world.

Why do you think the advanced cell culture space has grown so rapidly in the last few years?

The primary driver of this growth is that researchers have always understood that having more predictive in vitro and in vivo models means that drugs will get to patients more quickly and at a lower cost due to fewer late-stage failures. Only in the last few years have all of the tools started to come together to enable researchers to more easily build complex in vitro 更好的模拟模型 in vivo 人体生理和功能. 随着这些进步, 研究人员现在能够更好地预测临床药理学, toxicity, 这些发展会自我实现. 例如, as researchers demonstrate that more complex models better predict clinical liver toxicity, 开发这些模型需要付出更多的努力. At bbin体育官方网站, we have been at the forefront of this field for over 30 years and are excited to see the adoption of these models accelerating and becoming more widespread.


Today, the three primary areas in which researchers are widely using advanced cell culture systems are in modeling epithelial tissues, 模拟肝组织和癌组织. While researchers are developing and have developed models for all sorts of other applications, these three are used most predominantly because they tend to have the biggest need. Liver toxicity is a major failure point for many drugs and of course the three-dimensional structure of the tumor microenvironment has an immense influence on the efficacy of a therapeutic. In the epithelial space the drivers vary from researchers wanting to move away from animal skin models and towards non-animal alternatives such as EpiDerm or EpiDermFT. Simply having inadequate models to mimic the complexity of an organ system such as the lungs has driven us to develop EpiAirway, EpiAlveolar, and EpiNasal. I see the major growth areas being in underserved advanced cell culture spaces such as brain, kidney and heart as well as the organ-on-a-chip or human-on-a-chip fields where researchers are working to combine multiple tissues together. These multiple model systems have much promise but require significant development and validation which can be tricky to overcome.


把器官, or multiple organs on chips comes from the concept of having connective flow analogous to what we see in the body. 这为各种研究问题增加了重要的价值. This is of course true for many applications but due to the engineering, 以及这些模型的生物学和验证要求, 它们被采用的速度很慢. 我坚信在一个 in vitro model could provide great value and utility but developing such a model is highly complex. We are very interested in this space and want to see it developed thoroughly as it has tremendous potential.


As a company that has been focused on reducing animal usage in testing for over 30 years, 我们是这一领域和努力的前沿. 我们非常兴奋地看到 FDA现代化法案2.0 signed into law and view it as a huge step in the right direction both on ethical and scientific grounds. 我们正处于这个领域的成熟阶段,许多人 in vitro systems are now superior in clinical translatability to conventional animal models, 这项立法在科学上是有道理的. 例如, there are many research questions that we can simply address better with non-animal models such as with bbin体育官方网站的微生理系统 and the Visikol血脑屏障 model.


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